Forget about having it all or doing all the things.

Figure out what's most important to you and do that.

Do only the right things, in the right way, at the right time for the biggest impact and the most possible enjoyment.



Go beyond -- way beyond -- learning and knowing.

Connect so deeply with something that it lives in your cells. There is no distinction between you and it.

You can't get there by thinking or reading or talking. Embodiment lives in the body.


Trust that all will be revealed in the perfect way, with perfect timing.

You don't need to see the whole path to begin.

We are always learning and can only/always make the best decision possible with the information we have in the moment.





Rachel Anzalone is the only high-level strategic thought partner, satisfaction strategist, and advisor to highly-successful coaches, creatives, consultants, and entrepreneurs ready to design their next season from a place of alignment and ease.

After 20+ years in the trenches of entrepreneurship, brick and mortar small business, corporate enterprises, and the top tiers of digital marketing, she’s developed an approach to thought partnership like no other.

She brings her experiences of holistic wellness, personal and collective development, and embodied living to the table, creating an approach that blends deep self-inquiry, strategic development, and joy.

Part consultant, part objective observer, and part confidant, Rachel helps highly-successful coaches, creatives, consultants, and entrepreneurs integrate the next phase of their business and life — rooted in ease, alignment, and exceptional evolution.

For well established, high-performing, mission-driven entrepreneurs, Rachel Anzalone is THE ONLY strategic thought partner and satisfaction strategist whose proven techniques, approach, and intuitive guidance helps her clients design the next season of their lives & businesses, and do deeply meaningful work with elegance and ease.

With alignment as your guiding force & me by your side, we’ll co-create a business and life that honors what you truly value and allows you to expand into your next greatest vision in a way that feels really good.